Thursday, March 25, 2010

No sense trying to tell everything that has happened since I last wrote...I broke my fibia on vacation in St. Louis, MO (Troy, MO actually), in July. My dog had surgery on her other knee in early Sept. I continued having problems with my ankle until Dec. My dad went into the hospital to have part of his big toe removed (diabetes), at the same time Rick's dad went into the hospital in Erie, PA. This was sometime in Nov.
Rick's dad was very sick. He had something called mycelofibrosis so we went up for Christmas cuz his mom want to make sure everyone was together 'one last time'. Went up on Christmas day and finally got to meet my niece Evelin Jennifer!! She is adorable, big blue eyes, just like Shannon had at the same age. We came home on 27th as Rick had to work on the 28th. It was a nice short visit. We hadn't seen everyone together, EVER!! I sure am glad we went cuz he passed away on Feb.4th. Very sad!!

Shannon turned 14 on Feb 28th and Tristan's birthday is this Sunday (March 28th). He will turn 12. Time sure does fly, maybe sometime I can post their pics in here, they would most likely kill me.
Tomorrow my dad is having surgery to remove some cancer on the top of head (skin cancer).
Other than that not much happening...the kids are on Spring break all next week.
We had so much snow this past winter, it was not in inches, but feet. It started on Dec 5th with 4 or 5 inches had another 6" in mid-Jan. (don't remember the exact date). On Jan 30th we had a major (for here) storm like (8-10"),maybe more. Feb5th-6th we has 31" and then on Feb. 10th got another 18". Haven't seen anywhere near that amount of snow since I was about 11 or 12.

We are now in the process of re-doing our downstairs 1/2 bath. We are about 1/2 way done with the wall stuff, Most of the drywall is up another 'free' weekend and we will be well on our way to finishing. Then I will post the before and after pics!!

I have starting the quilting thing again after taking about a six month break. Looking forward to doing some projects, even small ones.

Blessings to you and yours,

Monday, August 10, 2009

5 months worth of stuff

I have thought about doing this for months, but haven't gotten around to it. Oh well family comes first.

In a nutshell, Dakota (my dog) had knee surgery in late March. At the cost of $2735!!We had to buy another crate for her since she had to be alone. She also had to be let out on a leash for 8 wks following surgery. Still had to be watched and not jumping running or playing with the other 2 dogs for 4 more. Total of 12 wks. It sure was a long time for us and her. Now she is pretty much okay and allowed to be with the other dogs, but we still watch them, so they aren't playing to rough and she is staying in her own crate from now on.

Since Shannon had been sick, the week of her birthday, with we have no idea what, so we waited to celebrate her b-day in mid-March. She had a small sleepover and we went to Kobe, a Japanese steak and seafood place. They cook your meal in front of you. We go there a lot, great food.

Tristan's birthday was at the end of March, and he wanted to do the same thing. Two weeks later we did it all over again.

April, May, and June were mostly filled with baseball, horse riding and school projects. The kids last day of school wasn't until June 19th. Might as well not get out until the end of June. Not really. Tristan got straight "A's" the entire school year and Shannon made the honor roll every quarter. We are so proud of them!

Shannon's large pony (14.1 or 14.2), Summer, started getting private lesson (with Shannon of course) to see if we could "fix" her and in one lesson, she was a different happy pony. She even went to a couple of shows and placed well. To the point they considering keeping her. Then she has had a bad lesson or 2 so now they are talking about selling her again. Good grief, I wish they would make up their minds!!!

Shannon's small horse (14.3), Belle, has had a TON of right front hoof issues the last few months. Between thrush, abscess, shoe problems, its really been hard to keep her sound enough to be ridden. She has finally recovered enough to get some excercise in the last few weeks and go to a show.

More later. I need to put my leg up (more about that in next post).

Friday, February 27, 2009

dad's toe, Rick's biopsy, Dakota

I can't beleive I only update this once a month or so. I guess I just think about it and actually don't do it.
I have sewn a quilt block in over 2 months, just not in the mood. I need to get Gina's done and I have had all month to complete it and haven't sewn it yet. At least its cutand stitting next to my sewing machine. I just have to force myself to sew it. It's an Antique Tile (one of my favorite's), so its not hard.
We will be starting a new block swap in a couple of months, but I have already decided not to sign up for this one. Too many other things I need to get done. Nor do I want to deal with deadlines.
I have been so lazy lately, all I have wanted to do is read and listen to music.
My dad's toe is healing. Praise God, so for now nothing more needs done.
My husband, Rick, needed to get a biopsy on his right thyroid nodule last week as it was a bit enlarged, but nothing is wrong there and he won't need any medicine. Thank God again.
Shannon has been sick all week, she went to school yesterday and today. Still not up to par, but she's "better" than she was on Monday and her fever is gone.
Dakota (one of our 18 month old dogs)has right leg/knew ligament/miniscus damage. Don't know how that happened. Now we wait for the orthopedic vet to come to our vet office to go see him.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

toe, quilting, sewing room, dogs, snow, my dad

Well, I did it again, broke another toe. Tuesday (or was it Monday) evening, I had gone into the family room to get Rick and Tristan to sign my mom's birthday card. As I was coming out I had to go through the study/office 'area' and our treadmill is in there, but it is put up so the wheels stick out. While attempting to go around the desk, and the dog, I tripped over one of the wheels and broke (I think?) the middle toe on my right foot. So, I need to learn how to use my sewing machine pedal with my left foot, so I can start sewing again. This is sure a time when I wish I could hand sew much better than I am able to now.
I really NEED to sew/quilt. I think it helps me mentally especially when it snows and the kids are home. It snowed on Monday night and the kids where home on Tuesday. Overnight Tuesday it sleeted, so it iced over what snow we had, so the kids were home on Wednesday as well and went in late on Thursday. Tomorrow (Sunday) the temps are suppose to be around 50F. Sometime late this coming Monday or Tuesday morning we are suppose to get hammered with another winter mess. "They" still aren't sure it its going to be snow, sleet, freezing rain (what's the difference between that and sleet??) of a combination of the 3. Great kids home again. This time they will be working and not on the computer the entire(most) day.
We are rearranging rooms on the main level. What was originally a dining room we made into our living room cuz it was/is bigger. Now we are moving it around to be a dining room again. The room where out dining room table, china cabinet, etc is going to be an office (for Rick) and I will get 1/2 for my sewing stuff. What I should do is get rid of my some of my scrapbook stuff and use that room for my sewing/quilt room. It's just upstairs and with my track record on stairs (not a good combination!!) Maybe I could sell the stuff on ebay???? Obviously I would keep my photos, memorabilia and scrapbooks I have already completed!
When everyone is home the dogs just don't sleep, they pace back in forth from room to room, it really gets annoying after a few hours!!
My dad has diabeties as does my sister and brother (I am in the middle: sister, me, brother). I am so thankful I don't have the disease. Anyway, he has had problems with one of his toes and has had problems for a while now, he went to the 'foot' doctor yesterday, and if it doesn't heal soon, it going to have to be removed. Could you all pray for him and my mom please. I believe in prayer 100% and God said where there are 2 or more gathered in prayer in His name He will answer our prayer or something like that, I sure would like to find the exact verse.
That's all for now. Have a blessed day:)
Love & Hugs,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twilight, Obamba, prayers, dinner, summer vacation

Well, I finished Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series. I didn't enjoy that one as much as the other 3, not sure which is my favorite. Not that there weren't good parts to the 4th, but over all, I didn't like it. I can't wait for Midnight Sun to come out, have no idea when.
We, as a country have a new President. Just in case you didn't know that. LOL!! I sure hope he is a good leader, and can help our country. I will not get political. Doesn't matter what I think one way or another. I do like him as a person and pray constantly for he and his family.
My dad needs prayers, he had been having serious problems with one of his toes and he has diabetes, so that doesn't help. I also have some friends who have been sick and in the hospital, lost loved ones, have co-workers who need prayer, some are sick, etc. If you could just pray for my friends, my family and my friends families in general, I would really appreciated it very much. Thanks!
I just put a ham bone in with some stock and spices to make veggie soup for dinner. I will ask Rick to pick up some crusty artisan bread on his way home from work to go with it.
We are tentatively planning on going to MO this summer and to our favorite beach (Myrtle Beach, in SC). We may go to Baltimore and Williamsburg for a few days during the kids spring break from school. All I know is that it is the week of Easter.
Shannon has an equestrian team meet this Sunday again. Tristan has a how-to speech today at school. I think Rick talked him into doing it on "How to change a tire".
We are going to have to sell one of Shannon's ponies (Summer). She has had some back issues and is still having them, so she can't really be ridden. It's really too bad cuz her movements is absolutely beautiful!! I am really sad about it, I really liked this horse. We only paid 2K for her. She is a registered Paint with excellent blood lines, so we could sell her to someone who wants to breed her, I don't know why we can't do that ourself??!! She was only suppose to be a companion for Belle anyway.

Tha'ts all for now.

Blessing to you and your families,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

been awhile, Twilight books, Presidential Inaguration

I can't believe its been over a month since I last posted!! To say the least I've been busy, doing what, I have no idea. Just the usual I guess, kids, dogs, housework, etc. My kids were off for winter break the last 2 full weeks of Dec and didn't go back until Jan. 5th. Rick did take the kids up to see his parents for a few day between Christmas and New Year's. I don't go up to NW Pennsylvania in the winter for any reason. My in-laws have 3 indoor cats and I am severely allergic to cats, even though I really like them. I just can't spend much time in the house, but too cold to be outside either and I didn't want to spend my time in the van, while everyone was in the house!! We did have a quiet Christmas however, that's just how
I like my holidays. Rick got me a beautiful yellow gold cross necklace. I have always wanted one, nice he remembers things like this sometimes.

Jenn told me about the "Twilight" book series, so I thought I would get the 1st one from the library. I think I was about 55 on the wait list, so I assumed people really wanted to read these. I got mine last week and read the entire book in one day, couldn't get enough. Had I known that I would read it so fast I would have requested them all at the same time. So, I got on the list for "New Moon" (#81) and "Eclipse" (#104). After re-reading the 1st one again, I said I can buy these others faster than I can borrow them. So I ordered all of them and should get them buy next week sometime. In the meantime I spoke to my daughter's bf's mom and she said her girls had them and read them all summer about 4 or 5 times each and just didn't understand what the big deal was until "she" starting reading them, her daughter let me borrow #2&3, someone else has #4 and hasn't given it back yet. I will get it one way or another. I read the 2nd one yesterday and started on 3 this afternoon. I felt guilty for neglecting the house for reading, so I did dishes, laundry and made dinner. I think Jenn wishes now she had never told me about the series as much as I bug her in emails asking her if such and such happens or not.
I haven't done any quilting or sewing since my last post, I think I got burned out from doing all of those blocks. I do plan on doing the last 2 soon, I don't like things just piling up. Plus I have 2 other blocks waiting for me to sew.

The kids have a 4 day weekend coming up this weekend. Monday is a Holiday (Martin Luther King) and Tues is the Presidential Inaguration and being only a hour or so from D.C. its fustrating and pretty much anti-climatic for Barak Obama to be sworn in. Everyone seems to be already treating him like he has been the President since he was elected. I just don't remember all this stuff before for any other President. For goodness sake, they had dress rehersal this weekend.

That's all for now.
God Bless and Happy Belated New Year!!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cousin Bubby, Christmas tree and cards,prayers

I found out yesterday morning that my cousin, Estel aka Bubby, died. He was found dead. Not too much info really. We don't know if it was from drugs, alcohol, heart attack or a combo of all 3. I'm sure his mom and sibling could use prayers right now as they are awaiting the results of the Autopsy

We were not close. Maybe companions, when we were younger, and we would visit my grandparents in WV during the summer. All of his siblings, except the youngest who became a Christan and went into the ministry, were into drugs having sex and becoming parents WAY too early. It's to bad he was younger than I am. I feel bad for his mom. His dad passed away in 1990 or 91. He wasn't a good influence on the kids anyway. All but 5 of us cousins (maybe more, don't know) didn't get into that stuff. But, then again, my mom left WV right after she graduate from school, so she was smart. I sure am thankful for my mom's influence.

I have a radio station on that plays Christmas song all day starting the w/e before Thanksgiving and all the way thru Christmas day. "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" just on.

We haven't put out Christmas tree up yet or sent out cards either. I just went to Hallmark yesterday to buy them, maybe by the weekend.

There is a family in our church who were in an accident Saturday night and the oldest daughter could really use prayer. She had to have minor back surgery today. Her family hopes she can come home by Christmas. She will be in a brace for sometime. For the life of me I can't remember her name, I think its Samantha.

Hugs and blessings.