Monday, August 10, 2009

5 months worth of stuff

I have thought about doing this for months, but haven't gotten around to it. Oh well family comes first.

In a nutshell, Dakota (my dog) had knee surgery in late March. At the cost of $2735!!We had to buy another crate for her since she had to be alone. She also had to be let out on a leash for 8 wks following surgery. Still had to be watched and not jumping running or playing with the other 2 dogs for 4 more. Total of 12 wks. It sure was a long time for us and her. Now she is pretty much okay and allowed to be with the other dogs, but we still watch them, so they aren't playing to rough and she is staying in her own crate from now on.

Since Shannon had been sick, the week of her birthday, with we have no idea what, so we waited to celebrate her b-day in mid-March. She had a small sleepover and we went to Kobe, a Japanese steak and seafood place. They cook your meal in front of you. We go there a lot, great food.

Tristan's birthday was at the end of March, and he wanted to do the same thing. Two weeks later we did it all over again.

April, May, and June were mostly filled with baseball, horse riding and school projects. The kids last day of school wasn't until June 19th. Might as well not get out until the end of June. Not really. Tristan got straight "A's" the entire school year and Shannon made the honor roll every quarter. We are so proud of them!

Shannon's large pony (14.1 or 14.2), Summer, started getting private lesson (with Shannon of course) to see if we could "fix" her and in one lesson, she was a different happy pony. She even went to a couple of shows and placed well. To the point they considering keeping her. Then she has had a bad lesson or 2 so now they are talking about selling her again. Good grief, I wish they would make up their minds!!!

Shannon's small horse (14.3), Belle, has had a TON of right front hoof issues the last few months. Between thrush, abscess, shoe problems, its really been hard to keep her sound enough to be ridden. She has finally recovered enough to get some excercise in the last few weeks and go to a show.

More later. I need to put my leg up (more about that in next post).