Friday, November 21, 2008

Not sure what happened!!

I had wrote more and saved the post but, was in able to get the whole thing to publish what I wrote. Since I'm a newbie to blogging, I will chalk it up to inexperience and not stupidity. LOL!

I have my Secret Santa pkg to send out tomorrow as well as her Maker's Choice block for the swap. I had to do my own 9-patch variation cuz I just couldn't do it the way the directions wanted you to make the block. I hope she will like it, I do. I like the way it turned out and it can be put up or down, it will still work. Some blocks it either one or the other. I can't post a pic yet, just in case she happens to look at the blog, then she will know who sent her SS pkg. If I was smart I would make the other Maker's Choice block to the ones whose name hasn't been called and send them out then I wouldn't have to worry about it for the next 5 or 6 months and do some of my UFO's and not just quilty things.

Shannon stayed home sick from school today. I think she got too cold last night at her riding lesson, it was only mid-30's when she was at the barn. At this rate, I won't get any time to myself until after winter break is over from school, which is Jan. 5, 2009.

We plan on going to see Madagacar 2 tomorrow unless it snows. I don't do snow! It was suppose to snow today, but thank God it didn't. Tristan said it snowed at school though. Just a heavy dusting. Not a flake here!! BooHoo. lol.

I hate wintery weather!! Especially the ice, which we get more of than snow most of the time. I HATE being cold and the winter months, very depressing. The snow is pretty when it 1st comes down and of course, I like Christmas. HaHaHa!!

A good friend of mine and I are planning to make quilt blocks just for eachother for the next year. I am so excited. December is the first month we are making the planned patchwork block with Fabulous Fall fabric from Moda. We aren't telling eachother which fabric of that line though so we will be surpurised. How fun is that going to be?? We are also going to make eachother a signature block and one one from eachother's state.

Have a good evening and weekend!

Hugs and Blessings,

MC block and Secret Santa pkg

Well, after 3 long agonizing try to make that nine-patch variation. Just the middle block, I just put a normal square.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

quilt block, science club, Shannon

My son is in a science club afterschool on Thursdays and I am the parent volunteer. Of all, students he got on the bus to go home!! He is still feeling out of it from being sick the last 2 days. So, I had to race home and get there before the bus dropped him off. Before leaving for the school I had started to sew the block for my Secret Santa swap (I want to mail it out on Sat). I picked the nine-patch variation. It has a nine patch block for the middle square. I tried and let me tell that was such a pair in the rear end!! I thought to myself, " I will NEVER make these tiny little blocks again and I don't care if someone is willing to pay me or even for my mom!!". I basically quit and later, I decided I should try again cuz I don't like quitting. I have been through worse (malignant brain tumor over 8 yrs ago), so I should try again. I tried and discovered it was my cutting, so tried it one more time (that makes 3), so I will try it to sew the middle block again in a bit. My daughter has a dentist appt tomorrow and an orthodontist appt. on Monday, so I won't have many morning to myself for the next week. That is really the only quiet time in my house as my dogs sleep most of the morning. Shannon has to make some kind of German dish to take into school tomorrow for history class. She went to her riding lesson tonight and won't be home for a least an hour (8pm EST), then she has to cook. I'm sure it will be another long night for her. I'll get her started, but tonight is a Grey's Anatomy night and I want to watch it. Even if I TiVo it every week. Gotta go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy week, pic of Shannon at show finals, dinner

This has been a crazy week and its only Wed. On Monday my daughter had to be taken to school because she was so exhausted from the weekend's show finals, so my husband took her to school about 10am and I got sick around 2pm thought I was going to have a seizure, so he had to come home with only a half day in at work. He thought he would be nice to me and fix dinner (and it was nice). However, Bless his heart. It was neither made or cooked properly! He had only taken out 1 pound of groud beef, instead of 1 1/2 the recipe called for and still used the amount of spices and liquid the recipe did call for, so the meatloaf didn't set right. He also made boxed AuGratin potatoes and put in in a loaf pan instead a casserole dish. The potatoes weren't done either. He did try though.

He just called to tell me at 3pm that he had to go to Headquarter. Didn't tell me why and I don't ask. He will never get home tonight!! Traffic around the DC area is a bi*** during rush hour, as I'm sure you can imagine. Crazy people to say the least!!!

My son, Tristan, has been home sick with a headcold thing for 2 days now. He will be going to school tomorrow, if I have to take him. LOL.

I have added a picture of my daughter, Shannon, from her horse show finals this past weekend/

Have a good evening.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Well my family got home last night about 7:45 pm. Tristan went into the family room to play his new Wii game and Shannon came in and went straight up to bed and she slept the whole way home (about 3 hrs). She didn't get up this morning until 9 am. So her dad had to take her to school needless to say she was very late!!

I had been taking care of her guinea pigs and I found out I am allergic to hay. The pigs eat the hay. I have had a massive headache and stuffed up ears. Both tend to make me dizzy. I went upstairs earlier this afternoon and couldn't get to sleep, so after 1 1/2 hrs I got up and came back down to decide on dinner. I decided on meatloaf and augratin potatoes with a salad.

I started to cut out my Secret Santa's person's Maker's Choice block from my Q4all, but her fabric choice is bring, I need to do it tomorrow. Bummer, I had wanted to sew it then.

The Maker's Choice is a swap where everyone who is particpating pick out a color or style for their block and its up to the person making the block exactly what shade of blue, purple, green , etc what they will use and also the maker also gets to pick out block for them. This so much more fun the to have someone tell you that for the swap it will be a red and white friendship block for instance. We are also doing a Secret Santa swap this month. My SS person's name hasn't been called yet for theMC swap (2 people a month for 8 months), so I'm sending her's with her SS gift.

Bye for now. Kids need help with homework.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am presently home alone and have been since Thurs morning. My daughter (Shannon) is riding in the VA horse show finals down in Lexington, VA. My son (Tristan)wanted to go so he could miss 2 days of school. So, he went along. My husband had to trailer both horses, cuz Summer gets frantic if Belle isn't near by. Our 3 dogs went to the kennel. I really needed the break. They are one their way home now. It will be a few more hours before they get here though, so I'm trying to figure out this blog thing. First time I have done a blog. My friend, Jenn, has helped so much. Thanks Jenn!! Love ya!
I am going to get some dinner now, maybe. I need to clean something before they get home, so I look like I have been busy and not just goofing off. If they only knew. LOL! I, also, need to get some quilt block cut out for the Maker's Choice Swap I'm in for my quilt group. As I get them done, I hope to show them off.