Thursday, November 20, 2008

quilt block, science club, Shannon

My son is in a science club afterschool on Thursdays and I am the parent volunteer. Of all, students he got on the bus to go home!! He is still feeling out of it from being sick the last 2 days. So, I had to race home and get there before the bus dropped him off. Before leaving for the school I had started to sew the block for my Secret Santa swap (I want to mail it out on Sat). I picked the nine-patch variation. It has a nine patch block for the middle square. I tried and let me tell that was such a pair in the rear end!! I thought to myself, " I will NEVER make these tiny little blocks again and I don't care if someone is willing to pay me or even for my mom!!". I basically quit and later, I decided I should try again cuz I don't like quitting. I have been through worse (malignant brain tumor over 8 yrs ago), so I should try again. I tried and discovered it was my cutting, so tried it one more time (that makes 3), so I will try it to sew the middle block again in a bit. My daughter has a dentist appt tomorrow and an orthodontist appt. on Monday, so I won't have many morning to myself for the next week. That is really the only quiet time in my house as my dogs sleep most of the morning. Shannon has to make some kind of German dish to take into school tomorrow for history class. She went to her riding lesson tonight and won't be home for a least an hour (8pm EST), then she has to cook. I'm sure it will be another long night for her. I'll get her started, but tonight is a Grey's Anatomy night and I want to watch it. Even if I TiVo it every week. Gotta go.

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

ah, now I feel bad for keeping you busy emailing all morning. This morning was my only morning this week to myself. However I did get a quilt finished. I agree on the variation thing. I think I would find something similar and make it instead. Looks like a lot of work. Maybe Make a 4 patch in the center. That would be cute!