Friday, December 5, 2008

hamster, mc blocks, dogs, Shannon

Last night Tristan's hamster died, now he wants a bird or a chinchilla. I know from experience that a bird is a lot of work. We will bury her out in the back corner of our property, where we buried our cat who died over Easter weekend.
I had lunch with my mom today at Subway, we both tried the new flat bread they have and we both like it better than the sub rolls.
I only have 2 more Maker's Choice blocks to cut out, so next week I plan on sewing them the last six and mailing them out. Will be great to get them out of the house and not worry about them for the next few months. Then I can start on the blocks for mine and Jenn's personal swap.
I would also like to make my sister a couple more pair of gloves as she has OCD. She also has down syndrome and funny as can be. Love her to death, so do my kids.

It has got so cold here, can't stand it the cold weather. I should be used to by now, as I have lived in this area all my life. My husband has gotten so he doesn't like it either and he grew up near Erie, PA and went to college in Rochester, NY.

Sure would like to retire some where a little warmer in the winter. We even had to put blankets on the ponies tonight.

Shannon has a friend sleeping over tonight and they are watching Ghost Whisperer now, I will watch it in a bit as I TiVo the show, so I can skip the commercials.

Tomorrow I need to go to Hallmark to get some Christmas cards.

I'm thinking about joining another yahoo group and have been considering it for a few weeks now. Not sure how to do it.

Our two dogs, that we got from the shelter, are getting their 3 yr rabies shots in the morning.

Have a good weekend.

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

We need to so shots for our dogs too, will have to wait till the first of the year though, sorry about the hamster, I know we wont do birds, they are a ton of work. I did a fish for Mekenzei and she has some water turtles, in addition to the dogs. Dont chinchillas bathe in that dust stuff? Hope you enjoy the quilting group it is fun