Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

That is the block for Shiela who was my Secret Santa person and is my version of the Nine Patch variation
After all I said about getting the block for the swap to my Secret Santa at the same time as her pkg. I forgot to put in the box and had to send it separately anyway. LOL!! I just had to laugh at myself. I also had to get a new laptop, as my other one just died. I'm still not used to this one, but will learn in time. I have only had it for 10 days.
The kids were off the Wed. before Thanksgiving as well as the day after. Maybe it's just me, but we went out shopping Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it didn't seem to be as crazy as it usually is that weekend.
We didn't do to the movies the weekend I thought we were going to but this past Sunday. We were going to go on Saturday, but the kids were being very dis respectfufl to me so, I told them we weren't going and maybe we can try for Sunday. They were better. We saw Madagascar 2. I didn't think it was a good as the 1st one. Then we went shopping at Sears, Barnes & Noble and Shannon just had to go to Hollister. She spent her own money, so that was fine. We did buy Tristan a new coat for winter that is lined with flannel and not the shiny stuff that most are lined with. The only things I don't like about Hollister is the prices and the smell of their clohes and other items. Gives me a headache. LOL!

I am going to post some of the blocks I have made for the Maker's Choice Swap I'm in.

Today I made two more blocks for the MC swap. Yipee. I will post them in another post, once I they have them.

Tristan pulled the hamsting on his right thigh and is hobbling around. Poor guy!


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Wow your son sounds like mine, always getting hurt. Poor thing. Of course most of what mine does to get hurt is due to poor decision making.

Hamncheezr said...

I agree with you about hollister, LoL. Their music makes me wannt to throw up. And even before kids when I was really thin, I still had to wear an xl in their clothes. Wasn't happy about that. The funny thing is, they make a cologne/perfume called August and it is THE only perfume on earth that smells good on me and doesn't make me smell like a gummi bear or flowery old lady. Irony, huh?