Friday, February 27, 2009

dad's toe, Rick's biopsy, Dakota

I can't beleive I only update this once a month or so. I guess I just think about it and actually don't do it.
I have sewn a quilt block in over 2 months, just not in the mood. I need to get Gina's done and I have had all month to complete it and haven't sewn it yet. At least its cutand stitting next to my sewing machine. I just have to force myself to sew it. It's an Antique Tile (one of my favorite's), so its not hard.
We will be starting a new block swap in a couple of months, but I have already decided not to sign up for this one. Too many other things I need to get done. Nor do I want to deal with deadlines.
I have been so lazy lately, all I have wanted to do is read and listen to music.
My dad's toe is healing. Praise God, so for now nothing more needs done.
My husband, Rick, needed to get a biopsy on his right thyroid nodule last week as it was a bit enlarged, but nothing is wrong there and he won't need any medicine. Thank God again.
Shannon has been sick all week, she went to school yesterday and today. Still not up to par, but she's "better" than she was on Monday and her fever is gone.
Dakota (one of our 18 month old dogs)has right leg/knew ligament/miniscus damage. Don't know how that happened. Now we wait for the orthopedic vet to come to our vet office to go see him.

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